New Collaboration with Ogden Water

Envirowater are teaming up with Ogden Water Ltd to offer all their clients total water saving solutions. Ogden Water lead by Dr. David Shepherd are Waste Water & Trade Effluent Specialists. Ogden Water formed in 2006 can ensure compliance for water and waste water and help save water and money. Areas of expertise are food.. read more →

We are Winners in Cummins global search for sustainable innovations

Envirowater are winners of a global search as part of a business’s project to improve sustainability. We have been successful in the project by Cummins known as the Environmental Gateway. We submitted our ingenious idea after Cummins, the largest independent maker of diesel engines and related products in the world, called on innovators of all sizes.. read more →

Royal Bank of Scotland

RBS  recommends the Free Flow Valve from Envirowater! After extensive tests at their Bristol Headquarters RBS recommend and endorse the Free Flow Valve What did RBS learn: •3 Units installed in July 2016. •Trialled for 5 months. •Maintenance : Units cleaned  once daily (normal process) – Two using Water only , one using “Hand soap.. read more →

Cummins Generator Technologies

“We have been using water free urinals for several years. We were experiencing rising costs and maintenance issues with our supplier – the pipes were blocking. Since switching to the Free Flow Valve from Envirowater we have managed to reduce our costs by 25% and have eliminated the maintenance issues we were experiencing. The Free Flow Valve really.. read more →

Winners Dinner

Celebrating the RBS Bristol Go Green Challenge Alison Hyland • Gateway Team • Community manager • Article • 5 hours ago Innovators descended on Bristol from across the country earlier this week to celebrate their success in the RBS Bristol Go Green Challenge. The aim of the celebration dinner, held at Temple Quay, Bristol, was to congratulate the innovators and provided.. read more →

Business Daily on the RBS Bristol Go Green Challenge

Nick Hill of Business Daily reports on a Yorkshire company to showcase green tech for RBS, Envirowater Ltd. Two Yorkshire-based firms will now have the chance to trial their eco-innovations in the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) buildings. Free Flow Valve from Envirowater, based in Halifax, is a retro-fit, water free urinal system which saves water,.. read more →

RBS Bristol Go Green Challenge

The Free Flow Valve from Envirowater has been successful in the RBS Bristol Go Green Challenge.   “Dear Anthony, Thank you for submitting your detailed application to the RBS Bristol Go Green Challenge. Our review panel have now selected a number of applications to take further and I am very pleased to say that yours.. read more →

SWIG Awards

Congratulations Envirowater! The Free Flow Valve shortlisted for the 2015 SWIG Awards! Awards Ceremony on the 25th November 2015 See for further details: read more →

Arizona State University

“We have the valves installed in both of our staff and facility restrooms. They are the only ones being used over the summer months. We plan to do the student facility in August before they return for the new school year. Anyway… They are PERFECT! No more smell! I never got used to that blue.. read more →

Keele Sustainability Hub Case Study

The Free Flow Valve from EnviroWater is a revolutionary water free urinal system that will save water, prevent bad odours and reduce costs. Each valve fitted will save 100,000 litres of water, every year, per urinal.   The Sustainability Hub, Keele University,. The Hub is not just a building it is a community. It facilitates.. read more →