22 Apr 2015

Keele Sustainability Hub Case Study

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The Free Flow Valve from EnviroWater is a revolutionary water free urinal system that will save water, prevent bad odours and reduce costs. Each valve fitted will save 100,000 litres of water, every year, per urinal.

KeeleHub KeeleUni

The Sustainability Hub, Keele University,.

The Hub is not just a building it is a community. It facilitates communication and interaction and allows research and may help interdisciplinary research. It allows students to find out about research and courses and visitors can see displays on the latest research happening at the university and can access outreach activities. Businesses can find out about green technologies and explore how they could add value.  The University’s environmental policy sets challenging targets in reducing its environmental impact. The vision is that the unique campus location can become a showcase for environmental best practice.

The Challenge

The Sustainability Hub uses rainwater to flush the gent’s urinals. This still has to be processed so has a cost implication and rainwater is extremely precious. The challenge was to reduce chemicals used to clean the washrooms whilst reducing water consumption. They wanted to provide a bacterium and smell free environment for the staff, the hundreds of students and members of the public who pass through the hub each year. 

The Approach

In order to prove the value of the Free Flow Valve the Sustainability Hub decided to oversee a trial with three urinals being converted to water free at the beginning of 2014. Regular checks were made by Envirowater staff to ensure everything went to plan and everything was in order.


The Sustainability Hub have saved around 300,000 litres of rain water during 2014 and during that time the only maintenance was to change the Free Flow inner valve according to Envirowater specification after six months usage. During 2014 there has been no use of chemicals to clean the urinals and no smells or build-up of bacteria were recorded. In addition because no water was used there were no blockages or floods.

“ The Sustainability Hub is at the cutting edge of the environmental policies of the University and so it made perfect sense to trial the Free Flow Valve in this unique environment and I have been delighted with the results. There have been no problems with the washroom facilities and Envirowater have proved  the benefits of their system. In addition, Envirowater have been willing participants in supporting the Hub with their outreach via our Chemistry at Work Days for local students and we are proud to show off gents washrooms to both sexes on our tours “      

Dr. Sharon George Sustainability Hub Keele University

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