Water saving

Saving 100,000 litres of clean drinking water per annum by installing a Free Flow Valve can reduce costs by an average £443 per annum per urinal.

The Free Flow Valve is a simple and eco-friendly way to lower your carbon footprint and satisfy all corporate responsibility programs and will be invaluable to companies having to conform to the new Energy Saving Opportunities Scheme (E.S.O.S.) legislation.

The product is ISO 9001 compliant has a patent pending ( 2010/08157) and has the Waterwise Checkmark award


The Free Flow Valve is chemical free and prevents bacteria buildup in washroom facilities and prevents smells usually associated with men’s washrooms.

It’s easy to fit, easy to clean and is maintenance free. Buy online and start saving today…

Sustainability Hubs use Free Flow Valves even though they used rainwater to flush.

Why waste water at all? Click on Case study


Free Flow Valve – Complete Unit
The complete Free Flow Valve system. The system includes a cartridge and sleeve allowing you to retrofit the Free Flow Valve system into your existing urinal units.

Complete Unit: £49.95 + VAT

Free Flow Valve – Replacement Cartridge
The replacement cartridges are required every six months. There is no need to order a full unit to replace the system.

Replacement Cartridge: £39.95 + VAT