No blockages

Why do urinals block?

Here’s why:

Water fed urinals are designed to flush every 10 minutes using 100,000 litres of water per annum, so in addition to the costs of the water, the lime-scale in the water mixes with urine to form hard scale which will block the pipes. Much worse will happen when the flushing is reduced and static urine is left in the water trap below the urinal and in the pipes. This static urine mixed with debris then solidifies and blocks the pipes. Worse still is that the blockage is a breeding ground for bacteria and gives off the pungent smell normally associated with men’s washrooms.

Here’s the evidence:

blocked drains can cause unwanted smells

blocked pipes can be difficult to clean

Already Saving Water

Many of our clients are already saving water by reducing flushing either by reducing the flow to the cistern or spending money on all sorts of devices which reduce the number of flushes in order to save water. However, those same clients complain that reducing the water flow may save them some money but it costs them more in plumber call outs to unblock the pipes.

Switching to the Free Flow Valve solves the problem and also saves you money and the environment by using no water and no chemicals to keep the urinals clean and fresh!

The Free Flow Valve is easy to fit and easy to clean and there is no maintenance, and there is no smell usually associated with men’s washrooms.

Free Flow Valves are available to purchase as a complete unit at a new introductory price of £49.95 or replacement cartridges are available at just £39.95. Prices are exclusive of VAT and postage. Valves can be purchased individually from stock  or in bulk. Min. order 30 with 2 week lead time.


Free Flow Valve – Complete Unit
The complete Free Flow Valve system. The system includes a cartridge and sleeve allowing you to retrofit the Free Flow Valve system into your existing urinal units.

Complete Unit: £49.95 + VAT

Free Flow Valve – Replacement Cartridge
The replacement cartridges are required every six months. There is no need to order a full unit to replace the system.

Replacement Cartridge: £39.95 + VAT